Alpha Full Screen Web Browser

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Alpha Full Screen Web Browser



- Very Simple and Convenient Full Screen Web Browser

- Easy One Setup File (Installation)

- Easy Settings with Admin Panel

- Included with lots of Options


- Auto-Start Option (Enables run on Windows Start)

- Always On Top option (Web Browser is on Top of the other windows)

- Home Page (Setup your Home Page Link or Browse Folder To Show Files)

- Startup Screen Option ( Welcome Screen or Web Browser)

- Admin Password (Change Username and Password)

- Setup Key (Change Key for “Admin Panel”)

- Log In Alert (If someone activates Key for “Admin Panel”, then will play sound 

   alarm, and password must be entered to close the dialog, Web Browser or login to

   “Admin Panel"

- Disable ALT+F4 Option (Prevent Closing Web Browser)

- Enable Right Click Menu Option (Enables Right Click Menu On Web Browser)

- Enable Page Navigation Option (Enables Navigation On Web Browser)

- Enable Navigation Menu Option (Enables Navigation Buttons On Web Browser)

- Enable Page Scrolling Option (Enables Page Scrolling On Web Browser)

- Enable Time (Enables Time On Welcome Screen)

- Enable Date (Enables Date On Welcome Screen)

- Enable Home Page Reset (Resets to Home page after specified time in Sec/Min)

- Show Mouse In Web Browser (Hides and shows Mouse When Browser is Activated)

- Skin Features – 20 Skins included or Custom Skin (Change Welcome Page

  Background, and Logo)

- Check for new Updates (Automatically check for new Updates)

- Cool and Simple Interface


- You can Check Last Visited Link (Admin Panel)

- Startup Counter (How Much Times Web Browser Is Started)

- Internet Status (Shows if Internet is Connected or Disconnected)


- 20 Skins included

- Custom Skin (Change Welcome Page Background, and Logo


- Save Tab (Click Save button to save all the settings for your “Web Browser”)


- HTML5 and CSS3 Friendly

- Perfect for internet terminals, kiosk, and cafe

- Supports Adobe Flash Player 11 or Higher (Flash Stoped by Adobe)


- Default Key For Admin Panel is “F1

- Default Username: admin

- Default Password: admin


Supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11


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