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System Spyder



System Spyder is an amazing software that allows you to track all the System changes and modifications.

Take full control of what’s going on in your system, keep your browsing safe online and offline, instantly detect any changes and modifications on your Computer.

- Spy your System with System Spyder

- Detect Suspicious activities on your Computer

- Easy One Setup File (Multilanguage Installation)

- Cool and Simple Interface

System Spyder


General Settings:

- Launch on system startup (Spyder runs on Windows Start)

- Minimize to tray when closed

- Minimize to tray on system startup

- Spyder always on top (“System Spyder” is on Top of the other windows)

Guard Settings:

- Select Location to Spy (Browse Location (Folder or Disk))

- Include Subdirectories option

- Types (All File Types or Custom File Types (*.exe, *.dll, *.txt etc.))


- Report (File Name, Path, Operation)

- Save Report

- Show Report (Show’s new Report Window with Options)

- Export File Names Only

- Export Paths Only

- Clear Report


- Enable/Disable Notification Window

- Enable/Disable Notification Sound

- Always on top (Notification window always on Top)


- Automatically Activate Spyder on Startup (Activates Spyder on Application startup)

- Automatically check for Updates (Notify when new Version is available)

- Notify when Internet Disconnected


- Kill Process

- Clean Temp Files (Clean Temporary System Files

- Open (Windows Common Folders)

- Create (New Folder)

- Create (Text Document)

- Take Screenshot

- Restart Explorer

- Create Restore Point

- Restart (Restart Computer)

- Log Off (Log Off Computer)

- ShutDown (ShutDown Computer)

system spyder menu



- Task Manager

- Regedit


- Notepad

- Calculator

- Paint

- Services

- MS Config

system spyder tools


Supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11


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